Friday, September 12, 2008

Service Nation Forum

I watched/listened to the Service Nation Forum last night. I appreciated the civility, especially given the nastiness of the campaign in the last couple of weeks. (Unfortunately, at the end of the Forum one of the talking heads indicated that the Obama campaign was going to get down and dirty, beginning today. too bad).

There wasn't much to distinquish the candidates. here is my take: McCain sounds old, that is, he harks back more to the past than to the future. That maybe a function of his his age, and with anyone at that age, there is a tendency to look back more than forward. Obama, he looked forward. Drew from the past, but always moving forward.

McCain did get angry, he, I felt, was smoldering, but kept it under control. It was in response to Judy Woodruff's question about the seeming inconsistency of his championing of service but the mocking and ridiculing of Obama's past as a community organizer. and that question came from one who is usually pretty friendly to republicans.

I thought McCain was angry. He gritted his teeth, he dissembled. He doesn't like to his actions quesetioned, especially if it suggests actions which are not honorable, such as hypocrisy or politcal craveness.

If I were scoring this event, given that the setting and topic favored Obama, I'd call it a draw.

I personally preferred Obama's nuances and I felt he kept politics out of it (at least obviously) as McCain did not.

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