Saturday, September 6, 2008

Always proud of America

I was struck with Sarah Palin's line in her RNC speech that included this line: "They love their country, in good times and in bad, and they are always proud to be an American." Thisis in reference to the small town folks who Senator Obama appears to have insulted with the "clinging to religion and guns" remark. But Sarah Palin is a social conservative, "one of ours" as Pat Buchanan described her. She has a Christian perpspective: she is extremely anti-abortion, she is anti-sex ed, she is not pro-life becuase she favors the death penalty. she is proud always proud of America's abortion holocaust? Of our violent society where we are the only industrial country that still executes people? Of the sexualized culture that we live in? Of the America that Governor Palin's preacher says God is going to destroy?

I'm confused.

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