Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More burden on Army families

An article in Science News reports on a study of the increased neglect and abuse of children in families where a parent is deployed to combat. Article here

And with our Army so dependent on reservists and national guard, the number of combat soldiers with kids is more (proportionally) today than in the past.

For me, this is every bit as shameful as are homeless vets.

An excerpt:

The greatest increase in the rate of child abuse and neglect occurred when soldier-husbands deployed, leaving mothers at home to care for the children. In these cases, the rate of physical abuse nearly doubled, and the rate of neglect, in which parents do not properly care for their children, was nearly four times higher.

Abuse like this carries with these kids a long time. There is no easy answer to this problem. But one thing is for sure: presidents with cavalier attitudes and who engage in bellicose sabre rattling are dangerous .... to our kids.

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