Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pigs in Lipstick

And now it begins. The presidential foodfight. If Republicans can make this two months of name calling, they will win. If the Democrats can keep focused on substance, I think they win.

But so far, the Dems have not been willing to get into the food fight. So, what happens? the Republicans just make up a fiction about Sen Obama calling Gov Palin a "pig."

Now, Democrats have been doing similar things. There is the whole "sambo and the bitch" fiction. But that stuff is not paid for or directed by the campaign.

But the fiction (including carefully edited videos) of Sen Obama calling Gov Palin a pig was paid for by the McCain Campaign. That elevates a 527 type of activity to the campaign itself.

The McCain campaign is calling for an apology! It is the McCain campaign which should apologize. Apparentlty "truth" isnot one of their campaign principles.

Get the facts here

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