Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bush's plan makes Social Security reform look simple--but is it? Dec 26, 2004

Previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, 26 Dec 2004

Trading liberty for security not viable option for America, Dec 25, 2005

Previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, 25 Dec 2005

Abortion debate roots in women's changing roles, Dec 1, 2005

previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, Dec 1, 2005

Monday, May 29, 2017

The top three reasons why lists are so popular, August 29, 2004

Previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, 29 August 2004

'Village' breaks down when too many adults look the other way, 28 August 2005

Previously published Terre Haute Tribune Star, 28 August 2005

PR battle over Iraq must now be waged at home, August 13, 2006

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Tax discussion challenges traditional positions, 12 August 2007

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Assessing the core of 'Hoosier values' April 16, 2006

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Technology, social movements drive cultural change, April 10, 2005

previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, April 10, 2005

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trick or treat, discontent, give us better government

previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, 30 October 2005

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Opportunities and threats from the Beacon of Democracy

Previously published in the Terre Haute Tribune Star, 21 May 2017
There was some bad news last week for the senior demon Authoritarian in the Battle with Democracy. We pick up on a conversation between Authoritarian and his nephew, Pootie Poot.
“Pootie Poot, I hoped that the Front National would have prevailed in France. We were building such momentum with victories in Turkey and the Philippines. It would have been another crack in the wicked European Union. Indeed, this has not been a particularly good week for us, has it?”
“Uncle, the French do not have the same taste for melodramatic sex scandal like the Americans. The leaked documents from Macron would have destroyed him in the U.S. Instead, the government chose to ignore the ill-gotten gain of our efforts and prohibited their publication.”
“Pootie Poot, you executed your part well but as the world becomes aware of us we may have to somewhat alter our ways. Enough with France, it only adds to my irritation. What of our battle with the beacon of Democracy, the United States. How was the meeting between your people and the Strongman Trump?”
“It was a success, Uncle! Access to the Oval Office was his test of loyalty but then he surprised with sharing of classified information. Strongman Trump is unpredictable but in a good way it seems.”
“That is good news but what about those photos? I hope you punished the leakers.”
“Yes, Uncle, global warming has not yet reached Siberia.”
“Despite the unwanted illumination of the meeting, it does demonstrate that Trump is loyal.”
“Indeed, Uncle, Zaika Trump is so eager to please.”
“Pootie Poot, the U.S. Strongman then fires Patriot Comey and it’s hard to deny that it wasn’t about the investigation now. Had the meeting not been known, the original plan would have been plausible. Not now.”
“Uncle, we will continue the claim that Patriot Comey is a showboat and grandstander. Already his insistence on testifying publicly proves the point. It’s enough to create our best friend, chaos. Republicans will want to keep Patriot Comey’s testimony private and the Democrats will want it public and that will become the issue. In the meantime the search for a loyalist to head up the FBI will continue but with distracted scrutiny. In any case, Uncle, the Patriot Comey is no longer a threat.”
“Ahh Pootie Poot, you make me smile. But there are now stories about memos that Patriot Comey wrote, detailing Strongman Trump, being a Strongman.”
“Uncle, this works to our advantage, the more focus on Zaika Trump’s actions, the less on us and there is a strong counter push against the press for its unnamed sources and reference to unpublished memos. The churn helps us. We will throw more computer hacks at them and stretch their resources. We can also give them additional distractions as well as a chance for Zaika Trump to bolster his support among his loyalists. He can show how ineffective the U.S. intelligence and security community are as we cripple their medical offices.”
“Pootie Poot, I admire your initiative. What are you thinking?”
“Our friend, the Great Successor, loves his rockets. He has been toying with them. We could help him to make one fly farther, straighter, and more accurately than ever before. It would scare the U.S. military who rightly downplays the Great Successor’s toys but let’s give them something to raise an alarm with and then those wanting a demonstration of how good a strongman works instead of Democracy’s fumbling, with its archaic rules and practices, we could aid an easy and effective response by Zaika Trump.”
“Yes, a good mano a mano meeting between Strongman Trump and the Great Successor would be just the kind of demonstration needed. It would also distract from investigations. Imagine an Oval Office photo of the Great Successor and Strongman Trump announcing that there will be no more missile tests. All as part of a trade deal involving agricultural commodities. I can hear it now, Trump opens new markets and ends the Great Successor’s ballistic missile program! Oh Pootie Poot, you have made my day.”
“Uncle Authoritarian, I just checked Fox News and the support for calling a constitutional convention in the Democratic beacon is growing. The divide among Americans over the role of the press will no doubt bolster that effort. That will be a tremendous opportunity for us.”
“Pootie Poot, what is this? Patriot Mueller is named as a special counsel! Trouble is here, so open the gates.”
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