Friday, April 4, 2008

Physcians for socialized medicine

No one ever said that physcians don't know their interests. Recent survey of doctors show majority now favor national health insurance.

Majority Of US Physicians Favor National Health Insurance
ScienceDaily (2008-04-01) -- The largest survey ever of American physicians' opinions on health-care financing has found that 59 percent of doctors support government legislation to establish national health insurance while only 32 percent oppose it. Support has grown 10 percent over past 5 years. ... >">read full article

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why support has grown so dramatically over the last 5 years.

Study Finds Billions Of Health Insurance Dollars Used For Administrative Costs
ScienceDaily (2005-11-10) -- Billing and insurance paperwork consume at least one out of every five dollars of private insurance health spending in California, according to a new study by health policy researchers. ... >">read full article

That is a lot of money going somewhere else than for medicine. And more dollars in the doctors pockets means better care for us, riiiiight?

After reviewing the study findings, Kevin Grumbach, MD, professor and chair
of the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine and an expert on health
policy, commented, "Research conclusively demonstrates that public insurance
systems in Canada and other nations have avoided the costly administrative
inefficiencies that plague the market-oriented US health system. Reading this
study, people may well ask why our nation tolerates such an inefficient system
where 45 million Americans lack insurance coverage."

So, how many clerks and bureaucrats will be out of a job if we extended medicare to everyone?

Doctors have been proletarianized, just like the rest of us; they don't think like entrepreneurs anymore, they think like employees, and employees like things simple. A single payer system is simpler.

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