Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another reason to be disappointed in our elected officials

Remember last year when the Supreme Court laid waste to discrimination laws by intepreting the limitation on filing a discrimination lawsuit to the original act of discrimination and not each paycheck? There were few who defended the Supreme Court on that one. Of course, the law should have been immediately clarified so the Supreme Court's ridiculous interpretation would not stand.

Should have known that the correction would die in a bout of political gamesmanship. You can read the details here.

"Republicans accused Senate Democratic leaders of stage-managing the vote, pushing the bill without seeking a compromise. "We understand people have to run for president," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said. "But to have the schedule of the Senate completely revolve around the schedule of the Democratic presidential candidates strikes me as particularly ridiculous."

Normally such accusations are just a cover, but in this case, I agree. The Democrats managed to screw up a political winner by trying to make it count for double.

Senator's Obama and Clinton made the most of the opportunity with campaign like speeches. But Sen Mccain, campaigning in the hard fought state of Kentucky (I thought he was the nominee) managed to miss the vote. He's brave; he's a straight talker, but apparently such a miscarriage of justice as that Court decision was, isn't that important to him.

So, now I doubt this will get fixed, though it probably will hurt Republicans. hard to explain a negative vote on this one. Politicians always try to dumb stuff down, and reasonable objections like you have to have a statue of limitations on such a law, which many Republicans and the President cited as the reason for their opposition, but that won't carry the day. And voters aren't going to blame Dems for their poiltical overreaching.

I hope they all lose reelection.

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