Friday, April 18, 2008

Guilting the Pope

Listening to NPR this morning about the Pope's visit with a couple of adults who had been molested as boys by parish priests. Story here. The radio version is better than the print version however. I loved it, one of the men, Olan Horne, guilted the pope:

A burly and commanding man, Horne is the first to tell you he doesn't quite look the victim, but he went to the meeting with the pope armed with photos. He says he wanted Benedict to see the "innocence lost" and the devastation the clergy abuse has caused him.

The radio version, however, went on. Mr Horne said he gave the pnotos to the Pope so in the future, when he is making decisions, he has a photo of what his actions involve. (This begins at about the 2:15 mark) The Pope accepted them graciously. What a wonderfully Catholic way of dealing with authority. Too bad such a move wouldn't work on Protestants.

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