Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama's "bitter"remarks and what it says

What a circus. Rev. Wright's inflammatory remarks, Clinton's embellished sniper fire story from Bosnia, and now Obama's bitter remark.

What is next? Is one of these candidates also going to say that parents are the reason for so many screwed up kids, underachievement in schools, and a drop in economic productiivty because the new generation of kids have no work ethic?

Wouldn't that be political suicide?

As far as the bitter remark is concerned, I live in Indiana, for nearly 21 years. I am more educated, have lived other places, and am privileged. But I live here, amidst, fly-over country.

Mitch Daniels our governor, a conservative republican is a conservative state is introuble here. His reelection is not a sure thing. And I am going to vote for him (I didn't vote him four years ago) and that I am going to vote for him is part of the reason why "real" Hoosiers aren't.

First, he put Indiana on a single time zone and daylight saving time. I don't believe DST makes us money, but having a single time zone simply makes greater sense.

The roads in Indiana are awful. He leased the busiest stretch of inter state to a foreign company for just under 4billion and real Hoosiers got mad because the company is foreign. Every governor in the midwest would have done the same thing. The nut case Blagoivich (illinois) has been trhying to do something similar, but can't get his mostly rural, small town, legislature to go along.

Daniels reigned in the building of sports palaces (otherwise known as schools), but once the budget was balanced, without the special one year income tax on household incomes above $100000 he proposed, he paid the schools back.

But too much change, too many foreigners, and Daniels could have exploited the ridiculous constitutional ban on gay marriage, or traffiked in abortion demagoguery, or push for a conceal carry right on college campuses. But, he hasn't. He has focused on serious stuff, which this state and rural America needs to, and what does he get for it? Opposition from the very people who trumpet conservatism.

The American Specptator had an interesting article about it here

Bitter? yes, many people are bitter, but they would resent it if you pointed that out. partly because they are victims and often act like it. It oculd never be that their own actions might play into their situation. Never. Oh, sure illegal aliens, liberals, no more prayer in school, those are things that ruined the factories, many would have you believe. The same folks rail against big government, but a proposal by the conservative republican (though highly educated) Mitch Daniels is met with harsh resistance...his proposal? reduce government by half...get rid of the redudnant government structures (township based government).

Why doesn't obama get some credit for speaking the truth, or do you only get McCain's moniker when you speak agasinst your own parties interests?

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