Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's wailing wall prayer..let me be the first to twist this one

Here is the story: Sen. Obama visits the wailing wall in Jerusalem. Leaves a prayer as is the tradition. An Israelis student takes it, gives to Israeli newspaper. Full story here

The comments are predictable, what a terrible thing to do, invasion of privacy, the simple, routine prayer will sound very familiar to many Christians. Many wait, of course, for the attack from Sen McCain or his surrogates. One I've already seen, where Obama asks to be an insrument of God's will, already that is being seized on as what terrorists say before they do their evil deeds. Yet I recall the same line in a hymm sung in my Methodist church last week or perhaps the week before.

the Israeli student and press are being criticized, but let me be the first to spin this in this way: It is an Obama set up. He arranged to have his simple prayer taken and turned over to the Israeli press because it will show Obama's true heart (he didn't ask to be elected President, after all). Now, this is pure spin. I voted for Obama in the Indiana primary, but I expect to see more serious attacks like this to occur with this event.

I think this event is what it is. And the note does reflect a most private moment of Sen Obama's. But it will be spun to be a negative, you can be sure of that.

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