Monday, July 21, 2008

Cartooning the candidates

Maybe one reason it is hard to make fun of Candidate Obama is because, well, at least cartooning him, he cartoons very similar to our current president. Now, routinely President Bush is referred to as a "chimp" but to refer to Sen Obama as a chimp, no matter how chimp-like the cartoonist might make him, would create a firestorm, right or wrong.

Notice the resemblance to cartoons of President Bush:

Cartoons of John McCain are not too simian:

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Queen*Jane*Approximately said...

I agree with you here. It's definately easier to refer to Bush as a "chimp" because he's white, but he sure does make some very cute monkey faces and he has some behavioral traits that legitimize the comparison. Chimps are often seen as foolish, playfull, dim witted, careless,and itchy. Bush has had no trouble demonstrating that he can live up to these labels though his awkward public discouse.

In my opinion, Obama hasn't demonstrated this abundance of simian qualities. Perhaps he hasn't had time. Hopefully he will not. But you are correct, if it got to the point that Obama was compared to a chimp, the public would go BANANAS... or would they go APE **** !?!?

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