Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What are these folks clinging to? Religion? Guns?

This remarkable article in WaPo. If you haven't read it, plesae do so now. It is about the racism that Obama field workers have encountered on the campaign trail. And be sure to read the 3000+ comments the article has generated on WaPo website and it is unbridled, much of it.

While I know politicians want people to vote for them, which poiticians want to court the vile racist vote?

I was disappointed in Sen. Clinton for trafficing in this. And McCain? Those types are mostly likely to vote for him anyway. I hope he is proud of that.

In a nation that is about choice, in a nation that would find the Muslim beliefs that you are born a Muslim and can't ever leave the religion (if you do, you can be executed as we have seen already), that we don't look at Sen. Obama for his accomplishments. I think he is surprised more people don't see it.

Of all the racist remarks I have heard, and I live in Indiana, one of the towns where a bomb threat was phoned in for the Obama HQ, is the one that if Sen. Obama wins, African Americans will be given everything and Whites will suffer. What has Sen. Obama been given? Isn't his path, through education, through merit, achievement, what is the American ideal? Oh, yeah, there is hte anti-intellectual aspects of the US, our current President probably being one of the best examples. Anyway, what a role model for anyone...Sen. Oboama, but especially for African American men. Egads, imagine what "Barack Obama" had to put up with. Yet, he persevered. That is a remarkable characteristic. Just as Sen. McCain has shown. And Sen. Clinton.

Read the article.

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