Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now, How Is It that Republicans get the Military Vote?

It seems to be a political truism that the military supports the GOP. Truisms are often false, however. Overall, polls show the military reflects America as a whole. But, there does seem to be a divide. Officers support the GOP while the rest of the military is more likely to support the Dems.

So, that the GOP doesn't support the new GI Bill, which would provide generous college monies to returning soldiers makes perfect sense. The officers already are college educated, while those who volunteer to start at the bottom, who may well have entered the military as a means to mobility, which many do, will benefit from the new GI Bill.

The best argument listed in the WaPo story, to oppose the bill was from Presidential hopeful John McCain:
presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), who worry that its benefits might entice service members to leave the strained military rather than re-enlist.

I like Sen. McCain's logic. Instead of college money, what we should do is offer really low cost loans to our soldiers, get them deep into debt, so they can't leave the military because they have to pay off their debt--just like the company store.

Taxing the high income brackets spreads the pain for the war. The lower and working classes have been bearing the brunt now, what longer than WWII?

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