Sunday, May 18, 2008

Post-modern Conservatives

I always thought that post-modernism was a failing of the left, but i guess the romantics are also found on the right wing, too. Over at Newsbusters, they are crowing about a petition to be unveiled tomorrow at the National Press Club of over 31000 people with science degrees who say that anthropogenic climate warming is wrong.

Just because you can find people who are misinformed doesn't change scientific fact. The petition is the work of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. According to their website this is what the OISM is about:
Research in the Institute's laboratories includes work in protein biochemistry, diagnostic medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine, and aging. The Institute also carries out work on the improvement of basic education and emergency preparedness.

Yup, climate science all the way.

Now, there is another group of folks, the American Association for the Advancement of Science who issued a report in December of 2006, even ahead of the IPCC report. Here is the first paragraph:

The scientific evidence is clear: global climate
change caused by human activities
is occurring now, and it is a growing
threat to society. Accumulating data from
across the globe reveal a wide array of
effects: rapidly melting glaciers, destabilization
of major ice sheets, increases in
extreme weather, rising sea level, shifts
in species ranges, and more. The pace of
change and the evidence of harm have
increased markedly over the last five
years. The time to control greenhouse
gas emissions is now.

Why is the right wing so worried about taking responsibility for altering the environment? What are they afraid of? Buy trees, sell carbon sequestration units. Make money.

By the way, there is a difference between the science and what "scientists" say.

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