Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Features at The Steiger Counter

A couple of new features at The Steiger Counter.

First, after a hiatus during the election season, the PoltiFact feed is back. I like this little digest, courtesy of my old hometown paper, The St. Petersburg Times. Second,And the SpTimes has include The Obameter. I wish they had a special feed for that, maybe they will add it later, but I've added a link in the "news for serious junkies" section. What is The Obameter? It is a list (which undoubtedly will expand) of Candidate and now President Obama's promises. I think the Obameter's authors have already identified 500 promises Candidate Obama made and The Obameter will keep track of how he is doing on those promises.

Third, something that is called the "Contexts Crawler." (found below the PolitFact window)Contexts is the American Sociological Association;s attempt to publish a popular sociology magazine, but last I heard, few nonsociologists is still not "popular" enough. I think this crawler searches newsfeeds looking for sociologists who are quoted or profiled. Frankly, this kind of thing, "sociologists in the news" always struck me as a bit of boosterism. But, now that I received my letter from my university that officially, with the stamp of approval of our Board of Trustees that sociology is dept, no major, and unstated, no new hires for sociologists, a little boost is probably what .... I ... need.


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