Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enough is enough

The story of the California woman who has given birth to octuplets is making a buzz. And why not? That is amazing, weird, the kind of human interest story that gets people talking. Good news here

This morning, however, the vapid 24 hour news cycle, which apparently doesn't have enough stuff to report on, digs deeper into the octoplets.

Caught a segment by CBS Hattie Kaufman. Generally I like her stuff, she seems like a responsible reporter. But this piece was too much. I couldn't find the video of it but here is a print version

Ms. Kaufmann is interviewing this person, cloaked, who doesn;t want to be identfifed, who knows the mother and reveals that she has 6 other kids. That the mother is "young" and lives with her family (parents, grandparents). Oohhhhhhhhh. If this isn't enough, then Ms, Kaufmann goes to the woman's house and knocks on the door, a grandfather answers the door and tells her to go away. Yeah, more people should do that....This isn't anyone's business (yet) but the family's.

Ms, Kaufman surveys the neighborhood, modest, small homes, 2-3 bedrooms....where are the kids going to live?

For me, 14 kids is enough and so is this kind of reporting. It would be one thing if the family was willing to talk to the press; quite another if they do not. Interviewing cloaked "friends" is outrageous. this is not a national issue.

Find something important to report on: like the economy. Early Show's generally like light, happy news. Grinning parents and tiny babies breathing on their own, great early morning stuff. But to suggest "sinister" things as Ms. Kaufmann's piece does.....shame on you.

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