Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin

Genius. Inspired. Devious. Dangerous. These are just some of the views about Sarah Palin, Senator John McCain's VP choice.

My initial thought was "not a good choice because there are legitimate concerns about Senator McCain's age and this is someone who he thinks is qualified to be President. That choice brings into question Senator McCain's judgement (in light of his country above all rhetoric)."

My initial thought has not changed, but I do realize it is a crafty political choice because the choice does two things: 1) it shores up the conservative a solid segment of the conservative base can vote for McCain and hope that Palin succeeds him soon; and 2) the fight is now on for the worst segment of the electorate. The undecided voter, the indie, the low-information voter, whoever you want to think of that group of undecideds, the war is on for those few votes and some of them probably will vote for Palin just because she is a woman and the election of her will make history. She is young, talks like a teenager (watch the Kudlow interview with her from about 4 weeks ago), is a fresh face to compare to Biden who is energetic but definitely older and of a different generation.

I also think Senator McCain picked her because of his own height. Visuals are important and he has to be seen as Presidential, which is why every picture of him is shot from below. Senator McCain is just 5-7. There has not been a 5-7 President since 1900, William McKinley. Had Senator McCain picked Gov. Pawlenty, at 6-0, would have stood next to Senator McCain. An analysis of the height factor can be found here.

Even Bobby Jindal is two inches taller and the obvious symbolic aspects, an Indian just slightly taller...and remember, this choice is about convincing a small segment of the voters at this point.

Every possible VP choice that was listed, with the possible exception of Charlie Crist, gov of Flordai is too tall (and Crist has other issues that likely disqualify him).

Some may argue that Senator Obama is too in experienced. Perhaps, but he has won the nomination and thus millions of people disagree. Sarah Palin received only one vote, that of John McCain.

Anyway....this choice is for the worst segment of our electorate, in my opinion.

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