Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nipple rings are threats to national security

Not really, though I'm sure some would agree. People agree that men walked with dinosaurs, too, so why not this?

So, why have I stooped to such a tawdry subject, nipple rings? Full story here The skinny is a woman was flying, passed through the first level security screening but was one of the random ones pulled over for closer wanding. Wand beeps over her breasts, she told TSA she had rings and the TSA said she'd have to remove them, she didn't want to, so the TSA had a huddle, woman begins crying, one ring removed by pliers, and now lawyers are involved. The lawyers say she was humiliated. I'm sure she was.

But it is humiliating for everyone to get on an airplane these days. Not just nipple ringers.

As with most humiliations, with repeated humiliations, we get used to it. It becomes "normal." This is why I like the security as it is practiced in London....everyone gets humiliated, everyone gets patted down, wanded, sniffed, squeezed. At least we all are humiliated, not just the random person who wears nipple rings.

I have a solution. Everyone fly naked and no carryons.

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