Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One college is not all colleges

I sometimes wonder when I read blogger who talk about the conditions on college campuses. Usually these are the "elite" colleges, but, by no means, is that all college and univeristies. here is a good example:

One of the most striking things in my contacts with today’s college
students is their lack of awareness of their age-group peers in the military.
Today’s college students often know little more about the military than they
could obtain from movies like Top Gun and Full Metal Jacket, both now over a
generation obsolete even if they ever did reflect reality. And Hollywood today
prioritizes dogmatic anti-war messages over anything even vaguely reflecting the
actual lives of military people. full article here

Later on the author notes something about Berkeley. yeah, that is everyman's college to be sure.

The university that I teach it has plenty of students who have peers, relatives, and classmates who are serving. Many are ROTC, many are former military now taking advantage of those college credits. I have one student currently who is quite vocal about his past service to our country. Many times my class discussions are given tremendous perspective because of the students with military 'credentials'

But it is an article of faith among many that college campuses are anti military, anti capitalist, anti everything. So, junk like the above blog goes by without much, if any challenge.

What you will find, is that schools that cater to the upper middle and upper classes are not going to have much military connection. but the working classes and middle classes will. As will students in the south, the mid west, and in rural areas.

The universities do a good job of mirroring where they are and of course the social class makeup of their student bodies. Berkeley is not the only campus in America. Nor is Harvard. My university is more typical than any of those.

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Anonymous said...

I am the author of the post you are attacking.

I teach at a small private college in the midwest, not Berkeley.

This college has an active ROTC chapter and a nearby military base.

None of those conditions alleviate the still-shocking lack of awareness among most students about military culture.

I will refrain from describing your post as "junk" in spite of your unfounded projections about who I was, where I was, and what I did or didn't know before writing my post.

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