Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don't like it? call it socialism

Has been a busy week and I've not been able to write anything. I did read in our morning paper, a column by Froma Harrop. She is billed as independent and a thinking columnist, and some ofher columns do fit that, but at times she swings wildly and blindly liberal...

Anyhoo, since my column on intellectual dishonesty a couple of week ago, the column sparked some discussion, more on a letter by a local conservative, which prompted some back and forth on the local community bulletin board hosted by the paper. I also field more than the usual number of emails from critical readers.

The response to call everything socialism is getting really ridiculous. Why not just say, "I don't like it." anyway, Harrop's column, I think is right on. an exerpt and a link

MANY CONSERVATIVES think they’ve found a winner in tarring President Obama and his allies as “socialists.” Earnest attempts to explain why “it isn’t so” are
futile, as is asking people what the heck they mean when they say raising taxes
is “socialism.”
The following Isays it all, but I mean what would socialists know about socialism ayway? and most who hurl this claim aren't going to listen to the socialists anyway....because, President Obama is a socialist, not the socialists.

Real-life socialists scoff at this whole back-and-forth. Obama is “a
hedge-fund Democrat,” Billy Wharton, editor of Socialist magazine, writes in The
Washington Post. “Not only is he not a socialist, he may in fact not even be a

Let's start calling things there is an economic system.

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