Friday, October 24, 2008

The Republican ticket and war

A quote from Senator John McCain: "I know how to win wars. I know how to win wars," McCain told the audience at a town hall in Albuquerque. And Governor Sarah Palin agrees: "What I want is a president who has spent 22 years in uniform defending our country," she said. "I want a president who isn't afraid to use the word victory when he talks about the wars we are fighting. I want a president who knows how to win the war and wants to win the war."

Who could argue with that?

I can. I want a president who can keep us out of war, who isn't so gung ho about them in the first place.

Which candidate is that? That candidate has my vote.

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Queen*Jane*Approximately said...

I want a president who has spent 23years fighting the a war on poverty and the culture of instituionalized disadvantage. I want a president who as a community organizer, an administrator, has helped those who our among our county's most poor and socially isolated improve their lives and make lasting contributions to the improvement of their communities. Sorry Mrs. Mayor, grass roots organizing is REAL responsibility. I'm ready for a president who wants to improve our relationship with our world leaders, especailly those who oppose us. I want a president who wants to make it easier for my poor 67 year old mother to get her yearly mammogram, since three women in our family have died from breast cancer. I want a president who is willing to change bad beliefs. History is full of them, and it takes a revolutionary to shine light on those errors in thinking,and once they are seen more people will be unwilling to live with such injustices. I want President Barack Obama to be a catalyst for real worldwide change.

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