Friday, February 29, 2008

Islam and Change

I heard a report that polls indicate the key middle eastern politicians don’t want to see the US leave Iraq. These were the same folks who also didn’t want us to invade Iraq in the first place. They argue that Iraq would fall aprt.

So I’ve been thinking about this. Not in some strategic way, but thinking about Islamic culture. Without too much buildup, here is my thinking: Muslims are more fatalistic than Christians. Consider he common Arab phrase, ensha Allah (God willing). Not that there are many Christians who believe the same thing, but fatalism is not what I would call mainstream American culture. Perhaps it is mainstream in Arab culture.

Christianity is about change, is Islam? I am not sure. Sure, Christianity has its conservative aspects, but there is an emphasis on major personal change. I don’t know enough about Islam, but it seems to me, that Christianity has blended well with change while Islam has not.

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